Tignes Fingers (Les Tufs) – Skiing all 9 in a day 23/01/18

Me and Si have always liked the idea of skiing all of the Tignes Fingers (Les Tufs) that are listed on the Pisteur’s map. I’ve previously skied all the 4 ‘main’ lines down the face (the deepest couloirs, all located in the centre of the face) but had also wanted to explore all the more quirky lines down (such as #5.5).

Although we skied all the lines listed on the Pisteur’s map, it’s gotta be said that these are not all the possible lines down this face, there are so many little variants and cross-overs that you can do to keep things interesting.

After a late start due to the lifts opening delayed, we started skiing some mini golf lines off from Palafour as soon a the lifts were spinning, allowing us to check out the snowpack and after doing a couple of laps we were happy with snow stability to head over to Tignes Finger #01 to open it up after a wee ski cut from the top.


Confidence in the snowpack on that aspect and elevation grew and grew, the more of The Fingers we skied…


We were the reason for many of these ski lines behind Holly 😉


Tignes Fingers in all their glory…